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Strike Report: Belgium

A widespread response to austerity measures: rail, air and public office operations halted in the first general strike since 1993. Tucked neatly at the bottom of the NYT “World” section. We may be watching “Tout Va Bien” as a symbolic … Continue reading

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More Zbigniew Rybczynski – Zupa (1974)

Another must watch: As an addendum to yesterday’s post, I’ve since learned that Tango earned the director an Oscar at the 1983 ceremony. Remarkable in its own right, but read the fittingly bizarre occurrences surrounding Rybycznski’s historic win: “At the … Continue reading

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You will enjoy this. Something like a visual representation of Steve Reich played in Svankmajer’s brain:

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Archive Hunting: State-sponsored Cinéma vérité

“Day in the Death of Donny B.” You may be surprised to learn who produced this folk-funk soundtracked, stylish take on a heroin fix. From the Moving Images Archive

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On a Certain (Anguished?) “Public Intellectual”

Late October, 1945 – Jean Paul Sartre clears his way to the stage with an axe, reaching his lectern to deliver what would become the first appearance of the so-called Public Intellectual. His defense of Existentialism that evening, ironically self-described … Continue reading

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Certified Copy (2010) and Last Year at Marienbad (1961)

The Village Voice’s J. Hoberman has described a “backbeat of Marienbad” in his glowing review of Kiarostami’s critically acclaimed “Certified Copy.” The reference is well placed, but its relevance and emphasis some 40 years after the French art house shocker, … Continue reading

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Sounds: Charles Bradley Loop A rough draft – sampled from Charles Bradley’s “No Time for Dreaming” (2011)

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