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“Frittering Away”

“Best Worst Movie” is a Where Are They Now documentary account of the personalities behind “Troll 2,” arguably the best car crash of a B film ever made. It’s all pretty dramatic stuff. The director, Michael Stephenson, once the would-be … Continue reading

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Archive Hunting: State-sponsored Cinéma vérité

“Day in the Death of Donny B.” You may be surprised to learn who produced this folk-funk soundtracked, stylish take on a heroin fix. From the Moving Images Archive

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Experiments in the Revival of Organisms (1940)

Arterial pumps, artificial heads, dramatic fade edits – the body is a machine, and Soviet filmmakers, part of an art culture that mastered the popular and social uses of images, employ their cameras to document as much in the laboratory. … Continue reading

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From the Margins Archives – Madness and Social Withdrawal

Bananagrams, the anarchist take on speed scrabble, oftentimes ends with thematic verbal crisscrossing. I won’t argue that every letter combination expresses some form of unconscious desire, but post-mortems can render interesting stories if you “think, really think.” I’ve found that … Continue reading

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