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Seizing Freedom – David Roediger

Why did I read this? VersoBooks is a leading leftwing publishing house that specializes in array of social, political, historical and cultural subjects ranging from Critical Theory to Economics. It’s certainly up there on my list of favorite book distributors. … Continue reading

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Brief Note from St. Peter (Fryer, that is)

Defenders of and apologists for the capitalist system of society have as little right to speak of the freedom of the individual as they have to speak of any other freedom. Under capitalism human individuality ‘becomes at once a commercial … Continue reading

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“The Unhappy Peninsula” (A fragment of research from The Long Fuse)

To anyone interested in the origins of the first World War, the question of Europe’s “Sick Man” – Turkey – must inevitably come up. I’m not exactly sure how the phrase was understood (if used at all) by European citizens … Continue reading

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