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Déja Vu and The End of History – Paolo Virno

Why did I read this?  K recently emailed some thoughts on déja vu, introducing an interesting concept of reincarnation that seemed similar (on the suggestion of another friend) to the notion of time’s non-linear passage in Arrival. I won’t reiterate his thoughts … Continue reading

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Seizing Freedom – David Roediger

Why did I read this? VersoBooks is a leading leftwing publishing house that specializes in array of social, political, historical and cultural subjects ranging from Critical Theory to Economics. It’s certainly up there on my list of favorite book distributors. … Continue reading

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Notable Reads: “The Artist and the Work of Art” by Joshua C. Taylor

A painter whose political outlook found subtle expression in his subject matter and style, Jacques Louis David (b. 1748) was several times a radical, one who may have found himself the artistic representative at d’Holbach’s table: “David seemed unwilling or … Continue reading

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Notable Reads: Level (and Revel) to Some Purpose

The Badasses of 17th Century Britain… Whether the Ranters comprised a cohered organization of religious heretics is still under historical scrutiny, though there’s a great deal of evidence that their practices and beliefs made up among the most radical in … Continue reading

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Notable Reads: John Cheever

If you’re looking for a new read over this long weekend, don’t hesitate to start from Cheever’s beginning, The Wapshot Chronicle. To the best of my knowledge, a screen adaptation, sadly, has yet to be written. I imagine the result … Continue reading

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